Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Professional Development is Coming

Additional opportunities for lesson study support from the Florida and the Islands Comprehensive Center @ ETS (FLICC) are in the works. In the 2011-2012 school year, FLICC will be offering support for districts that have committed to implementing lesson study in Part D of their Race to the Top plans. FLICC will be providing professional development to principals in all five regions of Florida. These regional institutes will offer more facilitator training and administrative support for schools that are implementing – or are planning to implement - Lesson Study. The content for these two-day institutes will target content for principals on Day One, which will be specifically designed to address issues such as leading, scheduling, and budgeting for lesson study. The second day will further focus on Lesson Study facilitation skills and, since we know how difficult it is for principals to be out of the building for two days, it will be optional for principals. However, if they wish to experience the extended professional development of facilitation, principals are more than welcome to attend. District level leaders for instruction, lesson study, and professional development are encouraged to join us for both days of this popular training. FLICC will be offering these regional lesson study institutes in October and November 2011 so please stay tuned for additional information. As always, FLICC will be providing the training and materials free of charge.