Monday, February 28, 2011

Regional Success

FLICC has just completed 10 regional lesson study implementation workshops. These two-day workshops trained more than 400 lesson study facilitators and distributed more than 300 lesson study support kits. State, district, and building level educators worked hard in every region of Florida, putting the State on the cusp of a statewide implementation of lesson study. We thank them all for their diligent efforts!

Although we would happily go out with this bang of an effort, FLICC is not finished supporting lesson study implementation. Next up is co-facilitation with a select number of districts. This co-facilitation is designed to give districts a push and get them over the planning hump and into actual implementation of their lesson study plans.

We are also visiting colleges around the State where preservice and alternative certification programs are housed. This is so that instructors of Florida's future educators can learn about the essentials of lesson study and what is happening in the schools and districts across the State. If future educators learn about lesson study before they come to work, they will be ready to participate in the ongoing professional learning communities that use lesson study.

FLICC is working with the FLDOE to lay plans for next school year, so stay tuned for announcements of upcoming events and professional development centered on lesson study. In the meantime, please post your ideas for how we can best support Florida's continuing efforts to implement lesson study statewide.

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