Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Additional Resources

For those of you embarking on lesson study at your school or district, here are some additional resources that you may find useful.


The Florida and the Islands Regional Comprehensive Center - http://www.ets.org/flicc/initiatives.html

Florida's Department of Education – http://flbsi.org/

Peter Brunn's Blog – http://www.devstu.org/blogs/2010/08/10/thinking-about-lesson-study

Developmental Study Center - http://www.devstu.org/page/welcome-dsc-public-web-site

The Lesson Study Network – http://mailman.depaul.edu/mailman/listinfo/lsnetwork

The Lesson Study Group at Mills College – http://www.lessonresearch.net/

College Lesson Study - http://lessonstudy.blogs.com/

Lois Brown Easton Books - http://www.very-clever.com/books/author-Lois+Brown+Easton

Duval County School's Shultz Center - http://www.schultzcenter.org/coachingcycle.shtml


If you know of other resources for lesson study, please post them as part of this thread.

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