Monday, November 29, 2010

We are on our Way!

Our first meeting, where Florida school district lesson study leads met to expand their toolkits for implementing lesson study, was an unqualified success. We had about 53 participants from 37 school districts representing a good cross section of the State and all five regions.

The next step in the process will be for these trained district leads to return to their district and form an implementation team. These teams will vary in nature depending on the size of the district and their experience with lesson study. The implementation teams will be trained in how to implement lesson study in their districts via regional institutes around the State from mid-January to the end of February 2011. These teams will then be expected to implement lesson study in a school, or multiple schools, one department or grade level at a time.

Once this step is completed, we will regroup and see how we at the Florida Department of Education and the Florida and the Islands Comprehensive Center (a Federally funded technical assistance center) can best support the statewide implementation of lesson study. So stay tuned . . .

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