Friday, January 14, 2011

Institute Update

Here is the latest list of dates and venues for our regional institutes

January 18-19        Lesson Study Institute        Tampa, FL

January 20-21        Lesson Study Institute        Fort Myers, FL

January 25-26        Lesson Study Institute        Orlando, FL

January 27-28        Lesson Study Institute        Cocoa Beach, FL

February 8-9        Lesson Study Institute        Destin, FL

February 10-11        Lesson Study Institute         Destin, FL

February 15-16        Lesson Study Institute        West Palm Beach, FL

February 17-18        Lesson Study Institute        Miami, FL

February 22-23        Lesson Study Institute        Ocala, FL

February 24-25        Lesson Study Institute        St. Augustine, FL

1 comment:

  1. Excellent 2 days in Tampa, Florida. I received an email from one of the school-based coaches we invited to attend with praise about the training and excitement to begin the process. Well done Tabatha and the rest of the DSC team and thank you John for the opportunity to attend.